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PayPal featuring Swell Little Donuts


What is a Swell Little Donut? Our donut batter is mixed on site, promising freshness. After we turn on the motors, stand back and watch us work with our automatic mini-donut machine to create orbs of tasty joy. These little donut groms paddle through hot oil and begin to swell up. Our oil is 100% cholesterol free and each donut has a frying time of less than 90 seconds. After frying, our mini-donuts get sandy with cinnamon sugar or powdered sugar and are served in paper cones. Caramel and chocolate sauce, sprinkles, and other toppings make a post surf-sesh worthy treat. Everyone wants hot, fresh, delicious mini-donuts at their celebration. We get stoked just talking about donuts and love to share them!


We live by the simple life philosophy of doing what you love! For us, that means surfing more and eating more donuts. A beach pier, waves, ocean breeze and a donut in hand is our perfect date. The mini-donut business was formed after years of dreaming, planning, research, surfing and eating donuts. Our company is based on sharing our positivity, good vibes and on giving our customers a unique mini-donut experience. 

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